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When to stop painting? To do or not to do?

Watercolors are tricky. They want to pull us in and keep painting until we have ruin the painting. I had several demos just beginning. I knew there were several things I needed to do, but not quite sure where to start. In the first painting, it was an underpainting, The stems were all going to [...]

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Harvest – Vegtables

This time of the year we receive the bounty of harvest. Fall brings summer’s fruition. That’s the way we grow.  The season we are in, brings the next stage of our lives. We need to walk through each season, just as a garden needs not only the beauty of flowers but the sustenance of vegetables [...]

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Watercolor by Betty Slade

Thistles and White Flowers

I noticed the thistles and I thought, every garden has weeds. It is a given, It is what we contend with. Either they grow in our hearts or around us. It is a part of this fallen creation.   Thistles among the flowers The purple thistles in the foreground are called “devil weeds”. They are [...]

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boxes of red and green chili peppers

Chili Peppers (WC 3/4 sheet)

    I t is harvest time for red and green chili peppers. The longer they stay on the vine, the hotter they get.  I took a picture of a scene of chilis in a fruit market.  The newspaper was laid out for a table covering and all different kinds of chilies were put out [...]

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