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Within the Veil

Within the Veil
by Betty Slade

35 poems in rich allegory
From the inception when one encounters God to the throne into His Presence
Within The Veil (Poetry Book)
Within the Veil
Price   $7.50
S&H   $4.50
31 poems in rich allegory. A continuation from the initial encounter into His Presence
In His Presence (Poetry Book)
In His Presence
Price   $7 50
S&H      4.50
Total  $12.00
Both Poetry Books – Withn the Veil and In His Presence
Price     $14.00
S&H          5.50
Total     $19.50
A Pilgrim
Just a pilgrim passing through
The bounds of mere man
The rules of mere doctrine
Time given to mere earth.
This pilgrim has travelled
through time and space
to the heavely city of faith.
The reality of life with God
.Operating outside of time
As we submit to His purpose and plan
He passes talent
“Knowledge,and strength,To do exceedingly abudeant of what We asks or thinks,
according to the power that works in this mere pilgrim.”These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and convess that we were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.”
Hebrrews ll:13

Cameo (Study Book on Ruth)

CameoA Study of Friendship
The Study of Ruth by Betty Slade
36 pages of study and poetryThe book of Ruth is a thumbnail sketch of the history of Israel and its redeemer.



Book – Cameo
Price -   $7.50
H&S     $4.50

Note Cards (5X7)
One image (as seen above)
Price    $7.50
H& S    3.50

In describing the book, a cameo holds the description. A cameo is defined as a gem or medallion, engraved in contrasting colors. Ruth was light engraced in a dark time and place.

Ruth, meaning friend, would not only become a friend to Naomi, but a friend to God and would be the one used to establish God’s purpose for Israel and the world.

Note from Author, Betty Slade
Overwhelming mercy floods my soul as many generations stand between Ruth and myself. Yet Ruth’s life a direct line of friendship to me as her seedof faith provides a way to the throne and to the mercy seat where I can know God as friend and speak to Him face to face.

King’s Choice (Study Book)

Song of Solomon, study book, poetry

The King's Choice

Indepth study of Song of Solomon. 92 pages, paperback,
Covering five stages of love from first love to Perfect Love.

Note from author: The magnetic voice of My Beloved has dawn me, causing me to lift my voice and sing to Him, by the same words that wooed me for many years.  I write these words to Him in praise and worship of My Beloved.




Price    $7.50
S&H       4.50
Total  $12.00

The indepth study of Song of Solomon, with 4 dividers, Workbook, Journal and sketch diary ,Keepers, and Mementos

Price                   $14.95
S&H                        4.50
Total                   $19.45

Note Cards 10 in pk – $7.50
(One Image Showing)
S&H                           $3.50

Total                         $11.00

Pursued for Glory (Scroll down for details)
Companion Workbook for The King’s Choice
Price        $14.95
S&H             4.50

Total       $19.45

Purchase both – King’s Choice & Pursued for Glory
Price       $22.45
S&H           7.00

 Total     $28.45

The Colors of His Heart
VH Video – 5 volumns

DVD, Videos - Song of Solomon, Study

Colors of His Heart


Price        $96.00
S&H           7.00
The Colors of His Heart,
The Greatest Love Story Ever Written

The “Colors of His Heart” series with Betty Slade is 17 one-half hour teachings based on the Song of Solomon. It is relative to anyone in this day who seeks a deeper and maturing relationship with God, the Living God.

Portraying a poetic love story, this allegor is a three act drama of King Solomon and the little Shulamite Maiden. It takes theges student from the beginning love to broadening love and is seen through the story in 5 stages.

Pursued for Glory, a work book and journal by Betty Slade
This 79 page workbook and journal will be the companion to The King’s Choice, a study book for Song of Solomon. Pursued for Glory will be your response to the story in The King’s Choice.

These two books, the Study Book and Work Book with questions and answers are a perfect set for understand the most beautiful love letter ever written from the Father’s Heart.

Pursued for Glory – Workbook

(Small three-ringer binder, easy to add pages.)

Price       $14.95
S&H          $4.50
Total      $19.45

The King’s Choice – Study Book
Price      $7.50
S&H      $4.50
Total    $14.00

Get both books for $22.45
S&H                            7.00

Total                       $28.50

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