An Extra Ordinary Day at Wyndham Resort.

Debbie's Dream Catcher

Wednesday Watercolor Class at Wyndham Resort turned out to be an extra ordinary day. An 86 year old mother and two daughters came to the class. This painting belongs to Debbie, one of the daughters. She had never painted, but look what she turned out.

I had everyone paint a pale watery underpainting with a design in color, no subject in mind. A couple of the students couldn't help design something in the underpainting.  I told them, the finish painting will not look like the underpainting. They almost painted themselves into a corner.

Debbie started with an underpainting of a circle of multicolor. I wondered how in the world she would turn it into a painting. The underpainting took her totally out of her box when we picked a landscape to be the painting. She moved slow in pale transparent colors. Oh my gosh, was I pleased to see the outcome. This is a watercolor, it's washy, and she allowed the water to move the color. Great job, Debbie. 

The circle added the movement, almost like an Indian Dream Catcher. There are images of horses and I see the center of the piece become the focal. I told her, there is a story in that painting.
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