When to stop painting? To do or not to do?

Watercolors are tricky. They want to pull us in and keep painting until we have ruin the painting.

I had several demos just beginning. I knew there were several things I needed to do, but not quite sure where to start. In the first painting, it was an underpainting, The stems were all going to the left. I knew I needed to change the direction in a stem or two.

Then I went for it. I needed to add some dark. I laced the blue in and out of the tulips and made a design with color going the other direction. Then I let it drip, causing the lines to go straight down, breaking the lines going left. Sometimes, iyou can stop any time in a watercolor, the watercolor gives you permission to stop. Some of us have to keep going. 

Tulip #2 Work in Process

Watercolor demo
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