Look up, the sky is changing

Today is sky painting day. I took pictures of a great sunset on Monday night. I was driving and was looking at the sunset but I kept driving. I should have stopped earlier, but didn’t. I fought with myself for five miles to stop and take apicture. When am I going to learn, just stop and take the darn picture? Finally, when I turned onto the Blanco Road, I stopped. The sun was already going down.I learned a lesson, keep the camera close. The camera was in my purse on the floor of the backseat.

Sunset over the Blanco



Here is another sky painting. It hangs in the Lucero’s home in Clovis, New Mexico. It’s called High Mesa. The storm clouds are gathering in this one. Every moment, the sky changes, look up, for His time is drawing near.
Sunset over the Blanco #2

High Mesa, - The clouds are gathering

This picture of the sunset on Monday night was about two minutes later than my first posting. We have to catch the moment. If the spirit moves you to take a picture, write an article, paint, seize the moment. Life is changing so quickly. We need to be ready.
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