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This time of the year we receive the bounty of harvest. Fall brings summer’s fruition. That’s the way we grow.  The season we are in, brings the next stage of our lives. We need to walk through each season, just as a garden needs not only the beauty of flowers but the sustenance of vegetables and fruit.

Season of Harvest

Petal Tips! This watercolor went together with such ease.  I love Charles Reid’s loose,  counting-each-stroke technique, which  keeps the painting clean and the colors pure.  In order to do this, I loaded the brush full of red and painted the tomatoes, leaving a white space for highlight.

The cauliflower was done with dirty diluted watercolor from the palette.  It takes a lot of water.  Again the egg plant took one or two strokes. I liked the design, It’s almost an upside V.  I made vertical strokes coming down in the background, and then I made horizontal strokes in the foreground, laying down the table top.

Meanderings~~~~ A student, Jean Shad,  brought in some vegetables for one of the art classes.  I just had to paint it with her. Other people’s ideas feed into us, and hopefully what we are thinking and feeling will enhance how they are looking at life.  I probably would not have thought of vegetables.  But I am so glad that the student had the thought of bringing them.

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