Chili Peppers (WC 3/4 sheet)



boxes of red and green chili peppers

Chili Peppers

t is harvest time for red and green chili peppers. The longer they stay on the vine, the hotter they get.  I took a picture of a scene of chilis in a fruit market.  The newspaper was laid out for a table covering and all different kinds of chilies were put out to sell. 

This painting was a very loose rendering.  I think I worked more on the design than on the actual painting..  The columns of the newspaper were running up and down and the boxes were stacked diagonal. The focal point is right in the middle where the white newspaper hits up against the box of red chilies.

Everything is a picture.  Sometimes it is the lines and some times the colors, but this time it was the different chilies.

Petal Tips: The ink on the  newspaper was written in squiggly lines in black paint, I dropped water onto the black and let it run.  I didn’t want the black to be so definite, but just be there indicating a newspaper. 
I muted out the back peppers so they would recede. The main chilies are in the middle and I made them more defined.

Meanderings~~~~~. Some Chilies are hot and some are mild. It’s according to every one’s taste. Isn’t that the way people are.  Some have fiery personalities, they consume and leave ashes as they leave the room.  Some people are mild as oatmeal, and overlooked and forgotten. These are the ones who usually have some substances and stick-to-your-bones kind of nourishment.

The quiet ones are usually misjudged as if they don’t care. Artist’s want and need strokes and excitement over their work. The hot personality will usually give you that feeling and bite but will leave quickly. 
So we gravitate to the fiery ones. We shouldn’t be deceived, the friends that have been constant to me over the years, usually have been the quiet ones, who have come along side and supported me and didn’t need to be out there in front waving a red flag. They weren’t as needed as the fiery ones.

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