Apples in Gold

Apples, watercolor, oil, print

Apples in Gold, Different Medium

Fall is in the air and the apples are on the trees. So I picked these apples for you and put them in a gold bowl. I think fall is my most favorite time. The colors are so vibrant,  the green has turned gold, red and orange.

After a season of planting, watering and tending the garden, the results start to show up. Fruit and vegtables  appear and it is a sign that we have been disciplined in what we know is necessary. In James it says that the farmer waits patiently for the fruit. This is the way of an artist as well. We wait to become good at what we do.

Many years of tending to the things that inspired the soul, honing our talent, learning and practicing, one day, results in our garden of colors begint to appear. The results come easier than when we were trying new things. It is a satisfying place when we start to see the end of what we have been striving for.

Petal Tips! This is an interesting painting, probably more in the texture and technique. It looks like an oil on canvas, but it isn’t. I  began with a 300# watercolor paper, sized it with strokes of gesso, so that I could have an underneath affect of design and direction. Then I painted it with watercolor, just to get the image in. From there, I went into oils. I wanted the texture of oils, so I applied the red and colors on the apples with a dry palette knife. It has a scraping effect, but it looks like an oil.

It was one of my favorites and I didn’t want to sell the original so I had some Giglees made. I actually had the prints done on a deep 3 inch canvas. The original is a watercolor with marks of oil, but the prints look like original oil paintings.

Meanderings~~~~ I’ve been away from my garden for a couple of weeks. It is always good for me to step outside of my everyday realm, just to breathe in different air and see different things. I usually always come home with new ideas to paint. I didn’t this time. All the ideas are in front of me as I look outside of my studio window and see this beautiful time of fall in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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