Mother and daughter

A lady from Dallas, Texas found this original watercolor in Dallas and bought it. She e-mailed me to find out about this image. She said, “Just know I love what I found and will not part w/it….” This is to encourage other artists who wonder about their talent and their artwork. When you let go [...]

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Characters for new novel, “The Polygamist’s True Love”

Here is a sneak preview of the characters I painted for my new novel, “The Polygamist’s True Love.” Here are Libby Crawford, Joe Crawford and Star Everett. I have an on-line Study Course, “Painting your Characters.” This is for writers who want to paint their own characters in their novels. If interested, let me know, [...]

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Tiffany White graduating from BIOLA

Learning to live with GRACE

Everyone needs grace. I find I hold people to my standard. Oh Me! I’ve always believed what a person puts into life, they will also get out of life. I’ve held many a person’s feet to the fire without grace. I hope I’m changing. Judging is an ugly thing.   At the end of May, [...]

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When to stop painting? To do or not to do?

Watercolors are tricky. They want to pull us in and keep painting until we have ruin the painting. I had several demos just beginning. I knew there were several things I needed to do, but not quite sure where to start. In the first painting, it was an underpainting, The stems were all going to [...]

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Happy Left Handers Day

Happy Left Hander Day. We know all about being left handed. We think with the right side of our brain, we can’t balance a checkbook, but there are a thousand ideas running around in our head. We think in the creative. We hate anything that boxes us in. We must operate in the spirit of [...]

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Oil Painting by Betty Slade

A Teachable Moment

  I’ve been waiting to write this for some time. I just didn’t know how to address it until I received an e-mail from our son. I have been appalled at the drug situation.   Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, now the government wants to make us an example for other states to follow. [...]

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First Art Studio – My Granddaughter, the Artist!

On my Creations Facebook Site I posted about artist’s studios. You can tell an artist by his or her studio. This is a picture of my granddaughter’s first studio at college. It’s a six by six foot space for her to create. You can see how she has collected things and made room in her [...]

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Blue Spruce Demo

Check out my Blue Spruce Demo in Watercolor (Short). Anyone can paint them. Be Inspired.

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Look up, the sky is changing

Today is sky painting day. I took pictures of a great sunset on Monday night. I was driving and was looking at the sunset but I kept driving. I should have stopped earlier, but didn’t. I fought with myself for five miles to stop and take apicture. When am I going to learn, just stop [...]

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Trips around Colorado

Red Mountain Pass – Before the Mountains were, I Am

This poor website has gone begging. I’ve spent so much time on the other Betty Slade Creations Site for Facebook, I’ve ignored this one. My Facebook site has been designed to communicate to my art students and friends. Daily I posts art lessons, artist’s quotes, articles, my Wyndham students work and other artist’s art that [...]

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