Tulips - Watercolor Painting

You’re going to love me in the morning.

I told my student in the Wyndham Watercolor Class that she was going to love her painting in the morning. She said, “That’s what they all say.” I wasn’t sure about this painting I painted. But it actually became one of my favorites. I paint demos in the watercolor class at Wyndham Resort in Pagosa [...]

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Mother and daughter

A lady from Dallas, Texas found this original watercolor in Dallas and bought it. She e-mailed me to find out about this image. She said, “Just know I love what I found and will not part w/it….” This is to encourage other artists who wonder about their talent and their artwork. When you let go [...]

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Characters for new novel, “Under Heaven’s Rage”

Here is a sneak preview of the characters I painted for my new novel, “Under Heaven’s Rage.” Here are Libby Crawford, Joe Crawford and Star Everett. I have an on-line Study Course, “Painting your Characters.” This is for writers who want to paint their own characters in their novels. If interested, let me know, I’ll [...]

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Tiffany White graduating from BIOLA

Learning to live with GRACE

Everyone needs grace. I find I hold people to my standard. Oh Me! I’ve always believed what a person puts into life, they will also get out of life. I’ve held many a person’s feet to the fire without grace. I hope I’m changing. Judging is an ugly thing.   At the end of May, [...]

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When to stop painting? To do or not to do?

Watercolors are tricky. They want to pull us in and keep painting until we have ruin the painting. I had several demos just beginning. I knew there were several things I needed to do, but not quite sure where to start. In the first painting, it was an underpainting, The stems were all going to [...]

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Happy Left Handers Day

Happy Left Hander Day. We know all about being left handed. We think with the right side of our brain, we can’t balance a checkbook, but there are a thousand ideas running around in our head. We think in the creative. We hate anything that boxes us in. We must operate in the spirit of [...]

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Oil Painting by Betty Slade

A Teachable Moment

  I’ve been waiting to write this for some time. I just didn’t know how to address it until I received an e-mail from our son. I have been appalled at the drug situation.   Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, now the government wants to make us an example for other states to follow. [...]

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First Art Studio – My Granddaughter, the Artist!

On my Creations Facebook Site I posted about artist’s studios. You can tell an artist by his or her studio. This is a picture of my granddaughter’s first studio at college. It’s a six by six foot space for her to create. You can see how she has collected things and made room in her [...]

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Blue Spruce Demo

Check out my Blue Spruce Demo in Watercolor (Short). Anyone can paint them. Be Inspired. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcTJVfvphrQ

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Look up, the sky is changing

Today is sky painting day. I took pictures of a great sunset on Monday night. I was driving and was looking at the sunset but I kept driving. I should have stopped earlier, but didn’t. I fought with myself for five miles to stop and take apicture. When am I going to learn, just stop [...]

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